About Us

About Us

Millennials and generation Z view ownership, how goods can be used and purchasing completely differently to previous generations. The retail environment of the current day is fractured and needs a complete change of direction to stay pace with the needs of tomorrow.

The development of technology has caused a shift in consumption activity from an in-store environment to an online storefront. It is our vision to help rebuild the retail industry through a more accessible future.

We have developed a concept and have our patent pending. We are looking at initial funding of which will be used to create a fully functioning prototype of the system. It will also ensure that the research and development activities required to build the basis of the complex technology can be successfully undertaken and completed.

The initial funding will also ensure that the development team will be able to operate in an efficient working environment with the most appropriate tools to complete the required work.

The Team
Noah Putna
Co-Founder and CEO

Noah has recently Completed his VCE at St. Kevin’s College, Toorak and is currently Studying Economics (BA) at The University of Melbourne, with a view to graduate with qualifications in Commerce and Computer Science.

Noah is a talented entrepreneur and technology enthusiast, who is consistently creating ideas to connect the world together through unique trading and sharing experiences. He has advanced skills in software engineering and algorithm design; developing both simple web platforms and complex UI’s.

Noah has - for many years – been working in the global fashion trade business, buying and selling fashion goods. As a seasoned entrepreneur and futurist, he can see and understand the future of retailing through technology.

Noah is currently leading the project through his vision and expertise. His foresight into Millennial comprehension and the fashion industry will help drive the project forward.

Chris Dimopoulos

Chris has spent over 29 years in quality commercial software development and engineering environments. Expert in media and broadcast technologies with more than 19 years commercial product development. He has extensive experience in digital broadcasting, Image/Video DSP, Codecs, Media platforms, IPTV, IPCams, Mobile, 3D TV, Security, GPU, VR/AR, 360/180 Stereo, Image/Video DSP, Encryption and cloud computing.

Chris strategic guidance has lead project development and commercialisation teams across many technology categories, including broadcasting, digital compression, surveillance and analytic systems. Background in electrical and hardware engineering. During his spare time, he enjoys tinkering with 3D spatial and volumetric display holography.

He has worked with a major list of companies and organizations, Some of them include: Huawei, Intel Sports, Blackmagic Design, MediaExcel, CISCO, Yahoo, Sony, CSIRO, MTV, Samsung, Alcatel, Channel 7, FOX, UNIVERSAL, WARNER BROTHERS and ABC.

Matthew Putna
Co-Founder and CFO

Matthew is a business development and company restructuring specialist, with a long career in hospitality and other related industries. A strategic thinker for long term planning, consistently delivering outstanding sales and development growth in both start-up and established businesses.

Having spent the last few years working with start up ventures developing company structures and building equity within to work with investors on growth strategies.

Adam Clark
Business advisor

Adam has extensive experience in the hospitality, technology, and project management sectors. Of his most note accomplishments are in the field of technology, of which he is the author of 16 international technology patents. These technologies are currently under citation to some of the world’s leading technology companies including Samsung, Apple Inc, and CISCO systems.

His understanding of the technology industry as well as experience with patented technology will assist in providing security and experience to the team.